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  1. Hi I loved Dumbs book1-I have read Whitley for years, and the only other alien book I’ve read is the day after Roswell. Anyways, I wanted to get the second book of dumbs, but it’s not on the iBook store now. Do you know if it will be available.

    I’m a psychologist by trade and I’ve been pondering UFOs my whole life, always wondering. We see proof of them always (lights over DC/ Arizona, NASA photage, etc. yet people still have such doubt-it puzzles me-when there is no prof of God (not to take an atheist prospective), but philosophically it’s illgocial to have faith in something with no proof and ignore something with overwhelming evidence. I’m a skeptic. I am open t any explanation from just observation, to the traditional ufo theories. Anyway, I was wondering what your opinion is (I realize I’m. Being nebulous), but your work struck me as interesting.

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