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“Saving My Rotting Cactus” #8 in Kindle Store > Cacti & Succulents

My book “Saving My Rotting Cactus (an illustrated, step-by-step guide to saving your rotten cactus)” is currently at #8 in Kindle Store > Cacti & Succulents! https://amzn.to/2HJrpoR

Friday the 13th! Ohhh noooo!

An update from writer/filmmaker David Sloma on this scary day of bad luck (naw, it doesn’t have to be that! In fact, for one of my books it’s being a rather good day – see the video for more!):

“MIB Files: Introduction” Charting on Amazon

My short story MIB Files: Introduction (Tales of the Men In Black) is doing well today! It’s in some good company, sitting at #53 on Amazon Best Sellers 15-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads. Not bad for a Friday the 13th!

Comic Book, Science-fiction and Fan Conventions

I started off going to comic book conventions (sometimes they were part of Science-fiction conventions, too) back in the mid 1980’s, when I was at the height of my comic book collecting. (Ah, the 80’s were a great time for so many forms of art: comics, movies, and music, but that’s another story!) These events were great fun, usually held in a big hotel downtown, where you got to meet some of the comic book creators and get your books signed, listen to talks, and meet other fans.

I made some good friends that way, and got some deals on books from dealers who had tables at the “cons” as we called them. And it was always amazing to find out that there were actual people behind the names that were printed in the credits of the books (hey, I was still quite young, so give me a break for being amazed at the obvious!). I got many of my comics signed by the people that made them, which only made the value of the books go up, both as collectibles in dollar value, and in sentimental value to me (I’ll never sell many of those beloved books, I’m sure).

Back then, any sort of “fan” conventions were few and far between, but not any more. I see all kinds ads for big fan cons these days, and hardly any comic book conventions – but I’m sure they are still comic book cons, just not as many as there used to be. I know there are, as once in a while I’ll see an ad for one.

I’ve been debating if I should go and spend the money to rent some table space at one of these big fan cons and display my books for sale. Couldn’t hurt, and I’m sure I’d pick up some readers for my books, and have fun doing it. But which ones to “table” at? I’ve not attended any such events for a few years now, so I’m a bit out of touch.

If any of you out there attend comic book conventions, fan cons, or similar things, would you let me know which ones you like to go to? Then maybe I’ll see you there!




I’ve been doing this “blog streak” exercise for nearly 2 weeks now, and think I could continue for longer, if I was enjoying it more. But I’m not.

I dislike having to do my own writing to a set schedule, always have. I think my time is better spent working on my novels and short stories, of which there’s a big backlog!

That’s not to say I won’t make blog posts from time to time, but I’d rather make a post when I have something I really want to express, rather than have to come up with something daily, just to have it done. I was never much of a blogger anyhow.

So, look for less blog posts and more of my books and stories. Good deal? I think so, hope you will, too.

Online’s not perfect

I’ve come to learn over the years that nothing is 100% reliable online. Things happen to put services out, and email doesn’t always get through.

I’ve had people think I am ignoring them if I didn’t respond to their emails within minutes – sometimes I never got the emails. So, I always check in the case of not hearing back from someone, or if it was an important message. Those bits and bytes don’t always make it!

Still, it quite amazing how reliable online services and emails are, given the volume of online traffic these days! I started going online with BBS’s and dial-up modems, and even that was something incredible at the time. Now, the online experience is far more advanced, and we often take it for granted. But it wasn’t always like it is now…

There is now a generation growing up who have always known the World Wide Web and the Internet as we know it today. That’s pretty wild to think about! I didn’t have that for a good portion of my life, so I can clearly see the contrast to now; both pre and post-Internet.

It really is like a different world with the Internet, but one that still has its imperfections. Which is not surprising, as humans are imperfect – or maybe we are perfectly imperfect, just like we’re meant to be.

Blog Post Streak Count: Day 11

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Putting your art out there

I’ve met a few great artists of different types that no one is ever going to enjoy their work. They refuse to really put it out there into the world. I’m talking about artists who work in many mediums: painting, writing and recording music, writing fiction, and taking pictures.

Why they don’t make the effort could be any number of reasons, but I think the chief one of them is likely fear of rejection. It’s not easy to put your art on display for the world and take any comments that come. But I think it’s better to still do it anyway, as then you’ll be sharing your artistic gift with the world, and the world could do with some more great art.

I talked to these artists, even tried to help some of them get their work out there, but in the end they didn’t. I feel fortunate that I got to appreciate their art at least, by knowing them. It’s not that their talents were any less than any other artists who have their work in the public eye, it’s just that they lacked the drive, or the nerve, to let their work go out into the world. I think that’s a sad thing.

But it’s their choice in the end, and if doing the art gives them satisfaction, that may be enough – but some of them have even given up on their art, as they were discouraged by the commercial aspect of it all! I’m not sure what to say to that, except try again when you feel like it.

I wish I could show you some of the art I’ve seen and experienced that’s never been on wide release, some of it was really stunning! I’m sure the same can be said for the work of many other artists who are private, or only show their work in limited venues.

Just think of all the amazing art out there waiting to be discovered!

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Why do I write?

I’m sure people wonder why a writer writes. It’s often not for the money, as it’s often tough to make money as a writer (not impossible, and the chances are better today than ever, but still, it can be tough, especially during the first few years to the first decade of professional writing).

To be a writer you’ve got to like being alone and using your imagination. Those were two things I enjoyed from a young age, so no problem there.

You have to love words and reading – again, no problem, as I was reading at a young age and developed a love for words and books that is still with me.

And you’ve got to like to tell stories and get into the world of the characters you write about. That seemed to come second nature to me, so good there as well.

In the end though, ask any dedicated and true writer and they’ll often give you an answer like this: I write because I need to. It’s a creative outlet for us, without which we don’t feel as alive. It can even be a spiritual path and experience – I know I’ve felt that way many times.

I just think writing is a wonderful thing, as is reading; the two go hand-in-hand. It was a natural progression from my love of reading to try my hand as a writer. I’m so glad I did, as it brings me a lot of joy! I’m also glad that others enjoy reading what I’ve written – I’m ever thankful for my readers and hope you will come along on many more tales and adventures with me!

And writing is an adventure for me, too, as I often don’t know where it’s going or how it’s going to turn out until I get to the end. That keeps it entertaining for me as well, so you can’t lose with that!

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Do something nice for yourself

It’s good to treat yourself sometimes. I’m sure you’ve heard it said it’s good to do something nice for yourself. Sometimes people get so busy that they forget to have fun in life. That’s easy to do.

Don’t let in happen to you. Marvel in the everyday miracles all around in nature, take some time out, have a treat, enjoy something in your day, even if only for a few minutes.

After all, what are we working so hard for, if not to enjoy life more?

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Unseasonably Warm

It was “unseasonably warm” here today and this evening, but I call it just about right. It was so nice to take a walk and not be in below-freezing temperatures! No need for gloves or a hat! I even took my jacket off! To those of us around here, where it’s been a tough winter, this is something to get excited about! It was about 60F or 15C. I heard it even broke a record today.

Fog was in the air, as the light rain and melting snow met the warmer pavement, giving a bit of a spooky look out there tonight. I enjoyed my walk so much that I might go take another one!

That’s it for tonight, just a lighthearted post, after some “heavy” subjects in recent days.

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